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1 Of 5 People Got Premature Death Because Of Poor Diet

Premature Death Because of Poor Diet

Eating a nutritious and healthy diet is very important for maintaining a fit body and mind. It is strange but true that lack of a balanced and nutritious diet can cause various problems in the body. Almost 1 in every 5 people around the world has been reported to die prematurely. And the reason behind the death is none other than poor diet. A new and recent study from the University of Washington has published this fact. The study has been titled as ‘Global Burden of Disease’. As per reports, this study is being considered as the most comprehensive study till date on the various reasons that contribute to premature death in humans.

In the research and study it was found that millions of people are consuming certain kinds of foods so frequently that it is becoming one of the major risk factors contributing to early death. And sadly, we humans are putting these kinds of foods in our body voluntarily. As per this research and study, it has been established that a poor diet lacks fruits, whole grains, nuts and fish oils. But the salt content in these diets is very high, which is not good.

Along with poor diet, smoking is also a major factor ranking high up on the list leading to premature deaths. Almost 7 million people in the world expire annually prematurely from various health-related issues which are caused due to tobacco use. Visit the website to know more about supplements Pharmacist Reviews. It will help you to find the best product for you.

Also, there are factors like high blood sugar or blood glucose levels, high body mass index and high blood pressure levels, which can cause early deaths in individuals. It is true that these conditions can develop from many other factors, but lack of proper diet is a major contributor. Heart diseases, obesity, cancer are graver health problems in the world when compared to infection related diseases. Almost 72% premature deaths are caused due to these non-communicable diseases.

What You Eat Could Be Killing You Prematurely

What you eat could be killing you prematurely.

Posted by Seeker on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The new study also reflects that childhood deaths have decreased and life expectancy in individuals have increased. There are clear indications that people now have long life but with poor health conditions. Along with obesity and other health problems, mental health disorders and substance abuse are affecting billions of people globally.