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This tiny sensor In BRA is a new line of defense against sexual assault

Raise Instant Alert When In Danger With This Technology

Molestation and rape incidents are becoming quite frequent with each passing day. Women are falling prey to various kinds of nasty incidents, hampering their lives from all aspects. Infact many women who have been victims of such nasty incidents have taken dire steps in their life. This was because they lost their self esteem and self confidence after the incident. But now times are changing. With advancement of science and technology, various kinds of devices are being created, which can ensure safety and security of women in a big way.

The safety strip that can be fastened to the bra or a t-shirt

With this technological invention women can raise an alarm when they are in danger or facing some awkward and embarrassing situation. The safety strip can be fastened to the bra or to the t-shirt. It is like a strip that can be easily pasted on the garment surface. There are chips in the strip, which connect to an app on the smartphone. Whenever a woman feels she is in danger she has to just click the ‘I am at risk. Please help me’ button on the app. There are 5 saved numbers to which the message will be delivered. You will have to provide consent before sending the message to the numbers. Along with the message being delivered, there will also be the location from where the message is being sent. So, it will be easy to track the person.

Sensor and app against sexual assault

This tiny sensor is a new line of defense against sexual assault

Posted by Alex Klokus on Saturday, September 16, 2017

This is kind of an instant alert, which can help in preventing nasty incidents like molestation and rape. Infact the evidence of the sexual assault can also be recorded via the app.

This new scientific and technological invention will make women feel more confident even in disturbing situations. It is because this app provides them with the required protection when they need it most.