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People Are Dying From Cancer Alley At An Alarming Rate In This County And Their Own Hometown Is Killing Them

The dangerous cancer alley – Louisiana

Cancer is spreading like wild fire globally and this area is the living example for the same. The petrochemical corridor, which is 85-mile stretch of area all along the Mississippi River, has more than 150 industrial plants in the area. These industrial plants produce refined oil, rubber, asphalt and so on. Sadly, almost every life in this part of Louisiana has been affected by cancer in some way or the other. Talking to local people of the area it was clear that almost every house had cancer patient in the area and they were dying.

To check the situation, Senator Cory Booker visited the areas along the Mississippi River, who is intending to bring legislation for environmental justice. He visited the place to understand the exact life that people lead in the cancer alley.

Fence line communities are common in the cancer alley. The subdivisions and neighborhoods in the area are lined up immediately next to the various petrochemical units. The distance between the oil well, plant and the front door of people is less than 500 feet, which is dangerous. People of St. Rose stay at a distance of just few blocks from the International Matex Tanks Terminal Plant. People who live in the area feel that they are trapped as they cannot just move their house and take it to some other place.

People are dying of cancer at an alarming rate in this county …

People are dying of cancer at an alarming rate in this county — and their own hometown is killing them

Posted by NowThis Politics on Monday, September 18, 2017

Various kinds of emissions take place from these plants from time to time and make people living in and around the area extremely sick. Many a time people do not even understand that the illness is due to the emissions. Louisiana Bucket Brigade is an extremely active environmental organization in the area. The aim of the organization is to create a healthy society, where there will be no deadly cancer. Fighting pollution for getting clean air, land and water is the main motto of the organization.