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BeatBot : This Robot Will Race Against You And Push You To Run Faster

Running is one of the best exercises that you can do for staying healthy and fit. And if you are one aspiring athlete thinking of participating in some competition, you have to work hard and practice hard for the same. We all know that your best comes out only when you are faced with a challenge doing better than you. To bring out the runner in you, here is BeatBot, which is a robot. The robot will race against you and push you to run faster by using all your force and energy. Beat your speed goals with the help of this amazing robot by leading brand Puma.

How does BeatBot function?

The robot acts like a visual target and inspires one to run faster and push oneself harder for going further and breaking one’s own records and potential. The robot can be controlled via an app, which can be installed and run on your smartphone. You have to enter the time and distance which you want to challenge via the app. After the adjustment, place the robot directly on the running track. Even if there are curves in the running track, BeatBot can follow them accurately. This is possible as the robot has nine infrared sensors and these can help in accurate following of the curves in the tracks.

Along with sensors, there are also cameras, which are placed strategically in the robot. There are GoPro cameras installed in the device – both forward and backward facing. These cameras help in tracking performance visually. It is quite interesting to note that the robot has the capacity of matching Usian Bolt’s 100meters dash world record of 44.7km/hour, which is simply amazing.

Racing Robot

Puma designed this robot to help you beat your speed goals.

Posted by Futurism Health on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Designed and built by Puma, BeatBot the ultimate running robot is being given out to only sponsored runners for the time being.