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These 6 Sleep Positions Tell About Your Personality Also How Affect Your Health

Sleeping is a wondrous function of nature that helps to restore the immune system, as well as the nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems of our bodies. When the lights go out, what specific sleep position one chooses has been, according to experts, linked to human health and, indeed, to one’s particular personality type.

Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski conducted experiments with 1,000 sleeping subjects in order to analyze six of the most common sleeping positions. The study yielded some interesting results. Here is some of what they found:

1. The “fetal” position

This is the most common sleeping position. One curls up while lying on one’s side. Forty-one percent of the 1,000 subjects in the study preferred sleeping like this.

Personality type

This posture may reflect a tough exterior and a soft and sensitive heart. Those who sleep like this may take some time to warm up to but prove to be warm and relaxed once they do.

Health pros & cons

If this is your sleeping posture of choice, it is preferred to sleep on your right side, as sleeping on your left side will put pressure on your vital organs: liver, stomach, lungs, etc.

2. The “freefall” position

This posture involves lying stomach-down, arms holding the pillow, with the head facing to the side.

Personality type

The tummy-down pose may indicate an expressive personality. Although such persons may seem brash and full of confidence on the outside, they may actually be vulnerable to slights.

Health pros & cons

Stomach-down sleeping postures are generally beneficial for the digestive system.

3. The “log” position

One lies on one’s side with arms at one side.

Personality type

Those who prefer this position are agreeable though they have a tendency to be overly trusting and gullible, and this may lead them to being taken advantage of.

Health pros & cons

The log position is excellent for the spine and relieves back pain.

4. The “yearner”

One lies on one side with both arms extended in front of the body.

Personality type

Those who sleep in this position are willing to try new things but can also be apprehensive and indecisive. Once they have made a decision, however, they tend to stick with it.

Health pros & cons

Sleeping on one’s side can help prevent stomach acid reflux and soothe sleep apnea.

5. The “soldier” position

One lies flat on one’s back with both arms at one side.

Personality type

People who choose the soldier sleeping pose may be the strong, silent type. They often hold both themselves and others to high standards in life.

Health pros & cons

According to studies, sleeping on one’s back can lead to snoring and poor sleeping.

6. The “starfish” position

One lies on one’s back with both arms raised.

Personality type

If the Starfish position is your preferred sleep position, you may be a good listener and successful with maintaining friendships. Such persons tend to not like being the center of attention.

Health pros & cons

This position may also lead to snoring and respiration problems.